Algorithmik Apps

Aqualibrium analyser
A network analysis tool for the Aqualibrium competition.
(Developers: Michael Leonard,Bree Bennett )
Wind farm layout
Determine the optimal layout of a wind farm to maximise energy for a given number of turbines and wind direction(s).
(Developers: Michael Leonard,Bree Bennett )
A geostatistics simulation. Locate points around a block to compare the best estimate and estimation error for different configurations.
(Developer: Michael Leonard)
Smart sprinkler
Design rules for a smart sprinkler. Play against a friend: see who uses the least water but keeps a healthy garden.
(Developers: Michael Leonard, Mark Thyer, Bree Bennett)
Flow through fractures
A 5x5 linear system of flow through fractures. Interactive plotter to explore behaviour of system and Excel tutorial to show you how to set up equations.
(Developer: Michael Leonard)
Pipe optimisation
A basic pipe optimisation problem. See if you can find the cheapest network upgrade. Based on this paper.
(Developers: Michael Leonard, Angela Marchi)
Explore sensitivity effects in the equations of evaporation.
(Developers: Danlu Guo, Seth Westra)
Extremal distribution
Shows how the distribution of maximum values tends towards a similar shape from varying parent distributions.
(Developer: Michael Leonard)
Generalised Extreme Value Distribution
Explore different shapes of the GEV distribution.
(Developer: Michael Leonard)
Sampling Variability in GEV Distribution
When the parameters of a GEV Distribution are fixed, how much do you think a random sample will vary?
(Developer: Michael Leonard)
Tail dependence
Shows how dependence in a Gaussian distribution becomes weaker for higher thresholds.
(Developers: Michael Leonard, Bree Bennett)
Explore the influence of a single data point on a simple linear regression model.(Developer: David Wright)
Beam Flexural Strength
Calculate beam flexural strength for rectangular and t-shaped cross-sections.
(Developers: Bree Bennett, Phillip Visintin)
Shear reinforcement calculator
Determine your minimum stirrup reinforcement for shear.
(Developers: Bree Bennett, Phillip Visintin)
Moment-curvature relationship calculator
Explore the different possible moment-curvature relationships by changing the section and material properties of a beam.
(Developers: Bree Bennett, Phillip Visintin)